About XCover


Studio X Team


September 1, 2021

This global talent network of geoscientists allows you to join paid projects, utilize state-of-the-art virtual workstations, and learn from experts on an education portal.

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What is XCover?

XCover is a platform to host and participate in challenging and exciting geoscience projects. It utilizes a global talent network, featuring industry experts and Energy companies from around the world. The XCover community can propose and join exploration projects that utilize their specialized skills and offer competitive compensation. Every project is completed using a state-of-the-art virtual workstation, which means participants can work from anywhere in the world with just a laptop.

What are virtual workstations?

The “workstations” are virtual machines that leverage a global network of data centers to provide all the software and data required to successfully complete a project. An MFA-enabled portal ensures the security and integrity of each project. These workstations allow all XCover projects to be completed remotely, so anyone can work from anywhere, anytime.

How does the process work?

XCover projects function similarly to a contract position. To begin, potential participants view open projects and apply to those that match their skills and availability. Next, they complete an interview with the project lead and team. If they are a good fit, they officially join the project, working remotely and receiving competitive wages. Participants can potentially earn a bonus as well, based on metrics set at the start of the project.

How do I join an XCover project?

If you’re a geoscientist ready to join our network of global talent, go to xcover.io and select “Apply to Projects” to create an account where you can view and apply to open projects. Interested in hosting a project? Head to xcover.io and select “Host a Project” on the homepage.

What is XCover Learn?

XCover Learn gives geoscientists the opportunity to grow their knowledge and skills, even if they can’t get connected to a project right away. XCover Learn is a training and information portal that provides access to professional-grade education. It’s completely free to use, and the in-depth curriculum offers insights and new skills to novices and experts alike.

What kind of information is covered on XCover Learn?

XCover Learn is designed to teach you skills that you can apply immediately. Through software tutorials, you’ll learn how technology is speeding up capabilities, while guided field trips provide a new viewpoint on the geoscience industry. You can even learn a new skill with Python and other data science tutorials. The best part? Content is updated regularly to keep you learning throughout the year.

How do I join XCover Learn?

Already have an XCover account? Visit xcover.io/learn and select “Sign in to Gain Full Access.” Not a member? Create a free XCover account that will allow you to view the XCover Learn platform, offering an in-depth geoscience education not available to the public.