Aera Energy Partners with Xeek for Data Science Challenge


Studio X Team


June 7, 2022

Utilize years of data to innovate more efficient energy production.

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For decades, Aera Energy has been collecting data to constantly enhance operations — and now they are allowing you to dig into it all and build something incredible.

What is the goal? Steam optimization.

Background & Challenge Details

Aera is always seeking even more efficient ways to operate their oil fields. In these fields, a complex of wells is drilled into parts of the sands. Some of the wells inject steam which moves through the sand and mobilizes the oil, pushing the oil towards the wells that extract it.

Now Aera and Xeek have come together to launch a new challenge "Steam Optimization and Other Oddities", which is looking for ways to maintain production levels while reducing the amount of steam required for their operations. With years of data records at their disposal, Xeek participants will create flexible models that can characterize steam growth in reservoirs. Challengers will submit CSV files for initial scoring, and a zip file containing their code in a Jupyter notebook, a requirements file, and a 2-4 minute video explaining how the code works and the advantages of their approach for final judging. A panel of judges will assess the submissions, then they will announce the final scores and reward the top submissions with up to $25K in cash prizes.

Get Started

Read more about the challenge, get all the data and details, and sign up here.

Aera’s participation in the "Steam Optimization and Other Oddities" Challenge is for educational purposes only and does not constitute or imply its endorsement or recommendation of any private company or product.