Celebrating Two Years of Accelerating Innovation for the Energy Industry


Studio X Team


October 25, 2023

As Studio X turns two, we’re looking back on how we’ve grown.

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A lot has changed at Studio X in the last two years. We launched with just four employees and we’ve expanded to 32 full-time team members, including our CEO, Jeff Allyn, who joined us in December 2021. We’ve attended conferences all over the world and hosted multiple events for our community of over 4,000 geoscientists, data scientists and other energy industry experts . As we celebrate our two year anniversary, we wanted to take time to reflect on how our business units  have helped accelerate innovation in the energy industry.


In the last two years XCover has dramatically reduced the time it takes to solve complex energy challenges by empowering our community of geoscientists and industry experts  with cutting edge innovative tools, workflows and a state-of-the-art virtual workstation so they can work faster, smarter and from anywhere in the world.

We also launched our partnership with PetroSkills, an e-learning and career development company for the oil and gas sector. An industry leader, PetroSkills allows people to sharpen their skills and learn new ones, and we’re thrilled to offer their courses to our community free of charge for a limited time. You can find the courses through the XCover Learn Portal at https://xcover.io/learn.


SixLab experienced a major transformation this year, evolving from a ‘no strings’ incubator to industry leading startup accelerator program. The program offers participants the opportunity to accelerate their paths to a commercially viable product or service, and includes an investor showcase where founders can actually pitch their concepts to VCs and industry leaders. Other highlights of the program include:

  • $50k-250k invested into each startup in the cohort
  • 22 week mentorship program
  • Weekly sessions led by subject matter experts (SMEs) that prepare founders and get their products ready for investors
  • Real-time feedback from peers and from SMEs
  • 1:1 work with SMEs to get insight on their specific product
  • Two showcase events to pitch their startups to investors

Read more about SixLab at https://www.6lab.io/resources.


Xeek continues to unite the data science and geoscience communities around the shared goal of crowdsourcing innovative solutions that solve the biggest challenges in exploration today. In the past two years we’ve launched 12 challenges with over $130k in prizes awarded to challenge winners. And we still have five challenges set to launch before the end of the year!

Xeek challenges have led to the creation of four different tools, including two that are currently in development. The Map Image Locator Tool geolocates map images and provides a latitude and longitude. The Seismic Fault Mapping Tool maps faults in a seismic probability volume. Join the waitlist for both of these tools at https://xeek.ai/tools.

We’re Just Getting Started

We can’t wait to see where the next year takes us. We are looking forward to growing our XCover, Xeek, and SixLab communities, and adding to our Studio X team of creatives, entrepreneurs, and scientists — when we expand our global reach by leveraging worldwide talent, we’re one step closer to fulfilling our mission of accelerating the pace of energy innovation.