Corporate Venture Building: Paul Genberg for Forbes


Studio X Team


October 4, 2021

It’s the perfect win-win — read about corporate venture building from our interim CEO on Forbes.

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Welcome to corporate venture building — a new strategy for organizations to create innovative products, explore unique ideas, and grow and thrive in their markets.

Studio X is the perfect example of corporate venture building at work. We work with Shell, but have the independence and opportunity to delve into different things — and with Shell’s vast resources available to us. It’s a win-win scenario, and something that we expect to see more companies take advantage of in the future.

Corporate venture building is when, as our interim CEO Paul Genberg puts it, “a corporation establishes an independent, separate entity that serves as a hub for external innovation.” Essentially, these separate entities allow organizations to brainstorm and explore new concepts. Even though the corporation may be large, corporate venture building allows them to take advantage of the flexibility and boldness of a startup.

To learn more about corporate venture building, read the full article from Paul Genberg on Forbes.