Finding Your Explorer Path & How to Win Work: A Webinar


Studio X Team


September 1, 2021

Learn tools that will help you make the next step in your geologist career.

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Advancing your career in geology can be a difficult process. It’s hard to know where to start. What next steps should you take? How do you create a company that will last? What about marketing and brand-building?

In XCover’s recent webinar, Finding Your Explorer Path and How to Win Work, we’ll answer explored how to establish your brand, communicate what you do, and win work with competitive compensation.

The Details

Alice Hildick, Program Director, XCover & David Thul, Co-Founder and CEO, Geolumina created a venn diagram as a framework to find your explorer path so you can:

  • Distinguish yourself from the pack
  • Determine your core values and what contracting work you want to do
  • Build an MVP to showcase your skills
  • Figure out what to charge clients
  • Start marketing your brand to win work

How to Download

First, join XCover if you haven’t! Head to to create an account now.

Then, download the guide here.