How Does Studio X Support Geoscientists and Data Scientists?


Studio X Team


October 25, 2023

Our goal is to propel scientists forward. Learn how we’re using open exploration to support the geoscience and data science communities.

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Supporting geoscientists and data scientists is at the heart of everything we do at Studio X. Many of us at Studio X are scientists ourselves, so we understand how bolstering one another can revolutionize the entire industry. We do this by sharing internal and external ideas to advance technology and the scientific community. It’s what we call open innovation.

Open innovation has the power to alter the future of the energy industry, and these are just a few ways Studio X is using it to propel scientists forward.

Transforming the Way We Work, with XCover

Geoscientists and data scientists are currently at the forefront of industries that are rapidly shifting to a digital environment. Studio X helps scientists navigate this change more effectively by providing tools and opportunities that enable remote work. By removing geographic restraints for highly specialized scientists with virtual workstations that contain pre-loaded cloud-based software, licenses and data, we open new pathways to more collaborative and efficient work.

XCover’s secured virtual workstations utilize data centers across the globe to provide software and data for completing projects. This allows scientists to work from anywhere in the world while earning competitive compensation without having to buy expensive software that eats into their bottomline. Geologist and XCover Explorer-in-Residence Michael Tischer was able to study the Australian basin from his home – which is thousands of miles away in Colorado.

“The real advantage that I loved about XCover was using the cloud-based virtual workstation,” said Tischer. “It made the workflow more integrated and flexible from project start to finish.”

Providing Emerging Technologies and Tools, with Xeek

The virtual workstation is just one of the technologies Studio X offers to geoscientists and data scientists. Xeek Tools is an exciting platform that optimizes data science workflows. These AI-based software and visualization tools address workflow inefficiencies to help scientists work faster and smarter.

Xeek Tools are disrupting the exploration tool landscape by supplying completely new methods for evaluating data. The tools are created by leveraging a community of best-in-class data scientists, software developers and geoscientists to generate innovative ideas and solutions for the industry. Scientists are compensated for their contributions, and Xeek community members all over the world can access the tools through a flexible pay-per-use model.

Offering Professional Education, with XCover

The energy industry can feel stagnant when geoscientists stop learning and exploring. Studio X prioritizes education because we believe it is one of the best and most essential ways we can advance data science.

Using XCover Learn, geoscientists who have created an account on the platform can expand their knowledge and master new skills through a training portal that provides professional-grade education from APPG. Everything is offered free of charge for scientists of all experience levels. The knowledge scientists gain from XCover Learn can be instantly applied to their projects. Skills like coding and working in Python accelerate workflows and broaden scientists’ capabilities.

Sharing Collective Knowledge, with SixLab

Working together is key to solving energy challenges.

Supporting startups through mentorship, resources, and access to facilities through SixLab helps us share our knowledge with the next generation. The barrier to entry is high for new startups, who may find it difficult to get their foot in the door with larger corporations for commercial pilots, or to connect with the most relevant stakeholder. By providing an innovation studio for these organizations, Studio X is tearing down the silos of the industry and paving the way for game-changing innovations in energy.

Do you aspire to develop innovative geoscience solutions from your home? Want to discover new tools or learn invaluable skills? Have a startup that could change the energy industry? Discover how Studio X can support your work and help you contribute to the future of open innovation.