How to Become a Generalist: Paul Genberg for Forbes


Studio X Team


September 1, 2021

Our interim chief executive officer explains how avoiding specialization can be the key to a successful and exciting career.

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Paul Genberg, our interim CEO at Studio X, has an extensive resume — one that may look offbeat to the untrained eye. From professional skiing to corporate strategy to cookware design, Paul has done it all. How has he managed to get all these incredible opportunities? He puts it all down to being a generalist.

A generalist, as Paul puts it, is “a dabbler, an explorer, a learner — someone with broad knowledge across many topics and expertise in a few.” To some, that may sound like a one-way ticket to career failure, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Paul explained to Forbes Business Council why being a generalist is the key to a successful and fun career, and how you can become one yourself. Read it all here.