How to Learn Data Science Skills


Studio X Team


September 1, 2021

If you want to learn data science skills and get hired, this article is for you.

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Want to learn data science skills, build a portfolio, and stand out when applying for data science jobs? Read on to find out how.

Level Up

As a data scientist, the Internet is your friend. There are many opportunities to grow your skills online. You can learn programming languages, how to present and analyze data, and even take courses from Google and Harvard. Do some searches, click around, and check out some tutorials. You’ll be surprised how much you can teach yourself at home, at your own pace, and for free.

One platform where you can learn data science skills is Xeek. Xeek offers challenges for you to practice your skills and experience new problems. These challenges allow you to get better at data science and learn how to apply data science to new fields. Furthermore, Xeek helps you build a portfolio of example work, making you stand out when applying for data science jobs. You can find even more competitions through Machine Learning Contests, a Studio X partner.

The Gig Economy

The nature of data science work is changing, and one development is the trend toward flexible, temporary, and freelance jobs. This type of work makes up what is known as the “gig economy.” For data scientists, the gig economy offers many advantages, including remote work, more opportunities, and flexible scheduling. It also gives people the chance to work on projects they might not get to be involved in with a traditional 9-5.

Studio X provides work opportunities for software developers, geologists, and data scientists looking for gig work and projects. Through XCover, specialized geoscience talent is matched with a variety of exploration projects run from state-of-the-art virtual machine workspaces, enabling them to execute projects from anywhere in the world. At Xeek, we unite data scientists and geoscientists across the globe in a community dedicated to tackling complex problems with brilliant solutions. Contestants can form teams to solve challenges, bring to life diverse ideas, and compete for a chance to win rewarding cash prizes. Need to increase your side hustle? Check out this article for some ideas for data science side gigs.

Data science is an exciting field, and the secret to success is simply taking initiative. Take courses, participate in contests, and apply for side gigs, and you’ll learn some amazing data science skills to take with you into the workplace.