Introducing the 2022 SixLab Accelerator Cohort


Studio X Team


August 1, 2022

Meet the companies taking part in SixLab’s 6-month accelerator program.

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The SixLab accelerator program gives startups in the energy industry the opportunity to accelerate their path to becoming a commercially viable product or service. These companies learn how to thrive in an increasingly competitive industry through world-class education, mentorship and resources. The program culminates in showcase events, where the startups get to pitch their concept to Shell, VC groups, angel investors, and other major players in energy.

We’re excited to announce the three startups chosen for the 2022 Accelerator Cohort.

Meet the Startups

Janta Power

Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

Janta Power is a renewable energy company that has developed a three-dimensional solar tower that provides higher energy generation at lower cost and footprint, with extended lifespan of traditional solar panels.

Founder and CEO, Mohammed Njie, is a serial inventor who built his first electric car straight out of high school. Nije’s first company, Janta Energy, was created to bring energy and development to his home country of Gambia. Within the span of two years, he has made significant progress, electrifying rural schools and working with the Gambian government to bring an end to energy poverty.

Now Nije is the inventor of Janta's Power Tower, a technology that will revolutionize the energy industry forever. Janta Power provides innovation and unique design in the renewable energy sector.  SixLab’s program can provide access to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to help accelerate Janta Power’s road to commercialization.

Idea Atlas

United Kingdom

Idea Atlas is a swarm intelligence platform. It has functionality to ideate on challenges, questions, problems, and develop tangible solutions that can be “locked” and monetized for the value adding participants in the swarm through smart copyright regime and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Miklós Lázár is the founder and CEO of Idea Atlas, the new home of massively collaborative ideas. He aims to build the golden standard platform of idea sharing, where businesses and organizations, as well as ideators from all over the world, can access the state-of-the-art without having to process irrelevant information.

The Idea Atlas platform is addressing a long-standing challenge of collaborative ideation with secure ownership of intellectual property. Through Studio X and SixLab, Idea Atlas will have immediate implementation opportunities to test and develop their product with our online community and with project/challenge programs XCover and Xeek.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Fulle (Full Electric) is building an ecosystem of portable rechargeable batteries to power the world. Their first product, the Regenerator, is an AC home solar battery generator with removable battery units that can power external equipment.

Fulle was founded by Molly Fullee (Hopkins) and Clinton Hopkins, both former airline pilots who are accelerating renewable energy uptake by providing a renewable and portable energy ecosystem. The SixLab accelerator program will help these first-time founders with tools, program content, and access to SMEs to help them build and scale.

About the Accelerator Program

The SixLab accelerator program provides 20+ weeks of content to help early-stage startups with integrated product, engineering and go-to-market strategy sessions, and access to the innovation-driven ecosystem and SMEs of Studio X.

Program content includes:

- IP Strategy & Co-Development

- Working with Large Corporate Partners

- Unit Economics

- Product Roadmap

- Engineering Roadmap

- AI/ML Support

- Go-to-Market & Sales

- Pricing & Revenue Model

- Integrated Go-to-Market & Revenue Strategy

- Team Structure & Culture

- Product Launch

- POC/Pilots

- Fundraising

- Storytelling & Pitching

The SixLab 6-month program will culminate in two showcase events held in November: the first will be a Shell exclusive first look at the 2022 SixLab cohort, and the second will be an open showcase event for energy industry companies, VC groups, and angel investors.

If you are interested in attending the open showcase event, please provide your contact information here.