Studio X Named One of 21 Austin Companies to Watch


Studio X Team


September 1, 2021

We love our hometown, so we’re thrilled to be included on the list from Built in Austin.

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Studio X is honored to be included on Built In Austin’s list of “21 Austin Companies to Watch in 2021.” Austin is our home, and we pride ourselves on being a great place to work. From day one, our goal has been to provide a space for connection and innovation in order to change the future of energy.

A New Path Forward

Four years ago, the concept for Studio X was created during a Hack-a-Future event put on by BCG Digital Ventures for Shell. Shell wanted to find a path for innovation, asking “How do you transform the way a 100-year-old company works in energy exploration?” Studio X was the answer.

Over the next few years, the vision of Studio X became more clear. The goal of Studio X is to spur innovation inside and outside of Shell through connection — connecting data, technology and people with ecosystem players to find new ways of working. 

Studio X officially launched in September 2020 with three transformative products focused specifically on energy exploration and discovery: Xeek, XCover, and SixLab. By offering software tools, on-demand work, prize-winning challenges, mentorship opportunities and more to energy innovators, we believe we can fuel big ideas, connect a distributed network of global experts with remote work opportunities, and crowdsource bold solutions to turn the concepts of today into the industry-leading tools for tomorrow. 

(Work) Culture Matters

At Studio X, we understand that the key to innovation is people. Establishing a supportive work environment is vital to our employees’ creativity and vision. We see our employees as individuals. That’s why our standups are called salutations — we use the time to give important work updates, but also to connect with one another. We also have twice weekly “zen time,” or 30 minutes where no meetings are allowed and people are expected to take some “me” time in the midst of their work day.

It’s also important to us to acknowledge when people go above and beyond. Before we had an official name for Studio X, we called it Pluto. As a nod to our origins, we still call our employees “plutos” today. Each week, we name a "Pluto of the Week" to recognize someone and give kudos for crushing it.

But the thing we love most about our work culture is the passion that our employees have for their work. “The projects I am most excited about use innovative technology to develop new ways of working,” says XCover Director Alice Hildick. “For example, Studio X allows renewable energy projects to move quickly, matching state-of-the-art technology with the right talent. The impact of meeting aggressive energy demands in this space is felt immediately and is very rewarding.”

Home Sweet Austin

We're in the heart of Austin's most eclectic neighborhood on the east side. Being located a half block away from Plaza Saltillo and well-known hot spots like Easy Tiger gives us access to a number of places to collaborate with people in our community. Whether it’s hosting a happy hour at Whisler’s, networking with University of Texas professors, or taking a geologic hike in Marble Falls, our teams embody everything that Keeps Austin Weird. We are happy to call Austin home. 

We’re proud to be named one of the 21 Austin companies to watch. Our mission is bold, and being recognized now is only the beginning of what people will see as we further develop our products. Xeek, XCover, and Sixlab aim to bring together diverse perspectives in order to create tangible, forward-thinking solutions that provide energy to people who need it. We look forward to continuing to further innovation in exploration and nurturing big, life-changing ideas that solve energy’s toughest challenges.