Studio X & Women in STEM


Studio X Team


September 1, 2021

We’re featured in Austin Woman Magazine’s STEM issue and a Built In article to discuss how the geoscience and energy industries can progress gender equality.

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Studio X is excited to be included in Austin Woman Magazine’s STEM issue featured in the Woman to Watch section here.

We recognize gender gaps are more likely in sectors that require disruptive technical skills. For example, the World Economic Forum reports, in Cloud Computing, women make up 14% of the workforce; in Engineering, 20%; and in Data and AI, 32%. From crowdsourcing exploration solutions to empowering new startups, Studio X knows the key to innovation is welcoming and nurturing diverse perspectives. And not only do women hold leadership roles in the company, they’re also a part of community organizations such as Dress For Success, Young Women’s Alliance and The Women's Foundation dedicated to advancing careers for women overall.

Alice Hildick, XCover Program Director, featured in the section, believes there is tremendous opportunity for women in STEM to explore all sciences.

"I would advise women to take a broad spectrum of sciences to find the one you really love. A couple coding classes might make you more interested in data science, the same applies to chemistry, physics and geology," said Hildick, "I grew up in Florida and was always drawn to things related to earth processes like waves and  lightning. That love of the Earth drew me to geology. But it wasn't until I got to college when I began learning about the challenges associated with global resources that I became interested in the energy industry."

Built In recently interviewed Jessica Noglows, Xeek Program Director about how tech companies can promote an inclusive and equitable culture for women.

"I firmly believe a diverse and inclusive environment is crucial for attracting and retaining exceptional talent and for driving business performance. Study after study has shown that diverse organizations are more likely to meet or exceed financial targets, experience lower levels of employee turnover, and outperform competitors. There is enormous value to be captured by embracing diversity and striving to create a truly inclusive workplace," said Noglows.

Read firsthand how she is helping pave the way for women in science and technology in the full article here.