What It’s Like Working at Studio X


Studio X Team


May 8, 2022

We’re hiring new team members who are ready to thrive in our “no ego” environment.

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At Studio X, we want to be part of transforming the energy industry. That requires us to work together and always give each other our best. We describe our workforce as “egoless” — here, we need to collaborate as a team in order to reach our goals. 

Xeek Program Director Nate Suurmeyer spoke to BuiltIn Austin about this ethos and why working at Studio X is so exciting right now.

"The energy industry is an exciting place to work because there is so much to discover and many areas where we can innovate, and Studio X is accelerating the pace of innovation. Whether it’s developing algorithms, providing remote resources so geologists can work anywhere in the world or accelerating startups with innovative ideas, there’s no better time to be in the industry. As one of the first employees, I find the work extremely rewarding," said Suurmeyer.

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