Why Building Connections Within the Scientific Community Matters


Studio X Team


September 1, 2021

Collaboration is the key to successful energy exploration. Discover how Studio X is creating a path for connection within the geoscience industry.

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For decades, geoscientists have been hammering away at scientific problems and conundrums. Throughout this time, society has made great progress in understanding the Earth. But we could do so much more by leveraging the diverse perspectives of the scientific community.

Collaboration is the Key to Progress

For energy exploration to be truly successful, there must be integration. Collaboration is a vehicle to greater education and growth. Working with others challenges our biases, builds bridges to new ideas, and often introduces us to like-minded people who share a passion for scientific discovery. And the results are clear – there is significant value in collaborating on interpretive and subjective data.

The advantages of collaboration can be seen across the history of oil and gas exploration. Take the use of medical imaging to assess aquifers – without the input of medical experts, this innovation would not have been possible. At Studio X, we have every reason to believe that more opportunities for this kind of game-changing collaboration are out there, and that utilizing the expertise of the greater community will lead to stronger solutions than going it alone. We simply have to provide a platform for it, and be willing to share and to listen.

Studio X Tools & Products

Studio X is committed to using collaboration as a means of advancing exploration into the future. We support and empower a global network of scientists and entrepreneurs, providing the tools they need to work together to find answers to questions in exploration.

Through Xeek, a community of leading data scientists, developers, geoscientists, and machine learning specialists team up to build solutions to solve energy’s largest challenges. XCover matches specialized geoscience talent to a variety of exploration projects where they collaborate via state-of-the-art virtual machine workspaces, executing projects from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the XCover community contributes to an educational platform called XCover Learn that offers training, networking opportunities, webinars, and panel discussions to engage the community all year. And we’re paving the way for the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators through SixLab, a global incubator for energy startups that are using new technologies to make a positive impact on oil and gas exploration.

Not only does each product encourage collaboration within their own communities, they also work together breaking down the walls of traditional R&D. For example, Xeek Tools that are developed on XCover virtual machines are available to SixLab startups. Or XCover Explorers-in-Residence may become SixLab mentors or assist Xeek participants during a geoscience challenge.

The opportunities for collaboration within geoscience are endless. We believe great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere. Find out how you can become part of the Studio X community.