Why Companies Shouldn’t Be Conflict-Averse: Paul Genberg for Forbes


Studio X Team


June 7, 2022

In his most recent article for Forbes, Paul Genberg explains why creative abrasion is a key to success for startups.

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Keeping the peace within your organization is important, but not all conflict is bad. The best ideas are born out of creative abrasion. Creative abrasion is, as Studio X’s Head of Product Paul Genberg puts it,  “The intellectual friction that hones ideas into their most-perfect versions through vigorous debate of diverse perspectives.” Without a little friction, businesses struggle to innovate and grow. But establishing an environment where employees can disagree — in a way that’s productive — requires thoughtful strategy. 

In Paul’s latest article for Forbes, he provides the ground rules for good creative abrasion that will help your company thrive. Read the article here.