Meet Tracy Jones Martin, XCover’s New Director

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Q&A with the XCover Team

Insights on how XCover is driving innovation in energy and exploration.

XCover: Connecting the World’s Best Geoscientists to Flexible Exploration Projects

How XCover is using cutting-edge technology, collaboration, and innovative workflows to transform the exploration industry.

Studio X Names Jeff Allyn as Chief Executive Officer

We’re thrilled to welcome the next stage of growth for Studio X with Jeff Allyn at the helm.

2022 Trends We’re Watching

Trends that will affect how the energy industry grows and changes in the coming year.

What Geoscience Courses Should I Take?

Continuing to learn is imperative for geoscientists. Discover where to find geoscience courses to grow your skills and experience.

What Jobs Can I Get with a Geoscience Degree?

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Studio X Published in EAGE’s First Break

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How to Learn the Fundamentals of Geology

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Studio X Named One of 21 Austin Companies to Watch

We love our hometown, so we’re thrilled to be included on the list from Built in Austin.

About Studio X

We’re reimagining the future of work in exploration. Learn how to get involved.

How Does Studio X Support Geoscientists and Data Scientists?

Our goal is to propel scientists forward. Learn how we’re using open exploration to support the geoscience and data science communities.

How to Work Remotely as an Independent Geologist

Remote work isn’t just a passing fad. Learn why working remotely offers huge benefits for geology and how Studio X is making remote work more accessible.

Your Data Hygienist is Calling and It’s a Robot

AI data hygiene has the power to change the geoscience industry. Here’s how.

Finding Your Explorer Path & How to Win Work: A Webinar

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Exploration is in Urgent Need of Innovation: New Talent and AI Will Lead the Way

As digital transformation propels the energy landscape forward, one segment of the industry is ripe with opportunities: exploration.

About XCover

This global talent network of geoscientists allows you to join paid projects, utilize state-of-the-art virtual workstations, and learn from experts on an education portal.

The Energy Sector Has Always Been Volatile — But The Drive to Innovate Has Not

Nearly every industry over the past decade has been transformed by technology — that includes the oil and gas industry.

Becoming A Hyper Connector

Growing your career and connections in a virtual world.

Digging In

How Studio X empowers geoscientists with products that support their core competencies at every level.

Pandemic Rising

How COVID-19 hit the energy industry by bringing down prices and creating opportunities for innovation to rise against the odds.